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Swingers Wanted for Afternoon Tee Parties

The title of this edition of Life at Ward's is the most successful slogan I ever came up with for a poster at the casino. I started a golf society (in order to play free golf) and this was the poster advertising it.

I thought that today, rather than banging on about catering equipment and commercial refrigeration and sundries and the delivery, maintenance and repair of catering equipment and refrigeration, which I usually don't, I would talk about golf. Summer is here and that means my golf clubs come out of storage and I take to the course. I play at little municipal 9 hole golf course (nothing more than a par 4) on the coast.

To put this course into perspective the clubhouse is a caravan from which you can rent trolleys and buy cans of pop. The groundsman / owner keeps his grass cutting equipment in a shipping container painted green at the edge of the 1st fairway. The toilets are the bushes around the 5th tee and the green are the approximate size of 5p pieces. However it's still golf and I enjoy it thoroughly.

I stop in on the way home occasionally to slice and hook my way around it and talk to myself. Last night I drove through a thunderstorm and then a rainstorm and finally arrived at the course to find the weather dark but dry. I left my ?10 green fees in an envelope and posted it through the letterbox in the man's shed and set off.

There followed what can only be described as an apalling game of golf. I hooked my first tee shot, sliced my long iron undershot my wedge, overshot my putt and took a double bogey on the first. That was a good hole! However, and here's the thing about golf, the only shots I really remember are the little chip in on the 7th to save par, the cheeky 9 irons off the tee up to the green on the 2nd and 3rd and the two decent shots I managed to pull off with my new 64 ? lob wedge.

That's why I'll go back. I won't think about the cursing and teeth gnashing, the lost balls, the topped tee shots, the putts that fell less than halfway short. I only remember the shots that look like the ones you see on TV. Ahhh golf.