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That Sinking Feeling

Wards Catering offer a wide variety of stainless steel fabrication including sinks (hence the clever title). We offer both flat pack sinks and welded sinks, single bowl and double bowl or all lengths and depths. We can have sinks with voids for dishwashers made for you to your specifications. We supply pre-rinse spray arms, pillar taps and mixer taps. We can make sinks with cupboards, sinks with splashbacks, sinks with shelves just about any sink you want we can fabricate. We also supply stainless steel tables, benches, shelves and just about anything else you can make out of stainless steel. We are also very competetive with the prices of our sinks and other stainless steel fabrication, if you find a product cheaper anywhere else let us know and we'll try to match it. I will only write a short sensible post today due to my having driven into a ditch this morning on the way to work and I am therefore feeling a bit achy from the airbag hitting me in the face and the seatbelt preventing me from leaving the vehicle via the windscreen. Mr G laughed at me when I walked in barefoot carrying my sodden shoes. Everyone else was very sympathetic. Black ice... nuff said. I will miss my little red van. :-(