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That was the week that was in catering equipment

Have you ever noticed how if you swap the first letters of the words "catering equipment" you get "eatering Cquipment"? WEIRD!

The week started off busy and ended even busier. Yours truly was sent to the coast this morning (not a hardship since I live near the coast) to help our redoubtable gas engineer install a Parry P6BO 6-Burner Gas Oven Range. It's always a pleasure to watch a master craftsman at work. He cut pipes and joined pipes and installed isolators and smeared sealant and all manner of things.

Just one of the reasons Ward's Catering has lasted so long is because we are a one-stop-shop for all your catering equipment and refrigeration needs. We have gas and electrical engineers, installation technicians (delivery men) and CAD artists and designers as well as a knowledgeable sales force. Mr G, our version of Yoda, is at present on-site in York watching over our boys as they help other tradespeople install a very nice kitchen. Looks like they'll be there until at least 21:00hrs tonight... a Friday... THAT'S DEDICATION! That's Ward's.