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The Bake King!

Sorry, another quick post about King Edward Potato Ovens, I forgot something.

In my last post I reassured you that, no matter what your circumstances, Ward's Catering can supply a King Edward commercial potato baker to suit your requirements. Traditionally styled ones for the type of business which is striving to capture that Victorian, Edwardian or Dickensian atmosphere, (particularly relevant at this time of the year), and the contemporary range for the more modern cafe, servery, canteen, refectory or restaurant. That's all well and good. "Thanks for that", you say. "But," you continue, "which ones ARE THEY?"-

Yes, I may have forgotten to list them for you! What is the point of telling you that King Edward provide a contemporary range of potato ovens if I don't then tell you which ones they are? There is no point. I shall repair the damage I have done... now!

King Edward's contemporary range of ovens include:

  • The King Edward VISTA 60
  • The King Edward COMPACT SS not to be confused with the CLASSIC COMPACT
  • The King Edward VECTOR 25
  • The King Edward VISION 50

Their range of contemporary accessories and display equipment features:

  • The King Edward VISTA Hot Food Display
  • The King Edward VISTA VBM1 Small Bain Marie (optional gantry available)
  • The King Edward VISTA VBM2 Large Bain Marie (optional gantry available)
  • The King Edward VISTA VCS1 Small Cold Server (optional gantry available)
  • The King Edward VISTA VCS2 Large Cold Server ((optional gantry available)
  • The King Edward HOT BOX Display

So, that's that done! Phew.