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The boy is (briefly) back in town

Hello, you alright? Thanks for reading, much appreciated. Welcome to Life at Ward's. Mr N back at the helm, back in control, back in the drivers seat. How am I? Still a little poorly thanks for asking, but soldiering on. Today I have changed the price of Steelite crockery on I have also taken an order for an SLR9 Lincat 6 Burner Gas Oven Range in Old Trafford as well as sent a quote to a prison for a water boiler. Thrilling, thrilling thrilling. I am off tomorrow, Friday and Monday and I am sure that Mr C will take the reigns of Life Ward's and guide her steady and true until my return. I am travelling to the south coast tonight and then London on Friday and then hopefully straight back to the borough of Scar on Monday. I would like to wish Natalie from Lincat a fun day on Sunday whereupon she will be running 10KM for no particular charity (alternatively she may, after examining the sleet and hurricane force winds outside her pane, stay in bed).