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The Bucket Residence, the Lady of the House Speaking!

Morning all and welcome to Life at Ward's on this gloriously grey August Tuesday. I am sat with a pile of 4 shiny silver champagne buckets on my desk which are slated to go to an hotel in the centre of York. Champagne? That means money! The recession is over! Long live economic growth! No but seriously though, we have sold a Fracino CLA2E this morning. Fracino machines are very posh and quite expensive.

This one was a fully automatic push button job, which is even posher than the standard semi automatic machines. We also sold a Model B Grinder, a Knock out Drawer and a Parry AWB3 Water Boiler.

I have quoted for some Lincat Refrigerated and Ambient Displays which have adjustable shelves but apparently, and for no reason I was able to establish other than "it's not possible", can not have extra shelves added. I have had to knock a lot of money of these units in order to stay competitive.