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The Great Pizza Oven Mystery

Hello all and welcome back to Ward's Catering's blog. It's been a while. There have been reasons for this. I have been a busy busy man. Lot's to do. Let's take yesterday for example. I had a problem with a Pizza Oven. let me take you back in time to February 2009. A customer rang from London and ordered a LLKMAX4+4 Deluxe Pizza Oven. We sent it. He was happy.

A few weeks ago one of his friends rang up and said he had seen the oven and liked it. So could he have one too. I duly processed the order and arranged for our supplier to have one built and shipped over from Italy. It was a close thing. There were deadlines to hit and all sorts of things. A couple of days ago the oven arrived here... which it shouldn't have, so we sorted that and sent it to the customer. The next day the customer opened it and saw that it wasn't the same oven as his friend had. It should have been. He stated that his friend's had full digital control and his had mechanical control. I said that I hadn't EVER sold a fully digital pizza oven and that they were substantially more expensive than the oven he had bought (which is true of course).

He maintained that I was wrong. He and his friend both sent me photos of their ovens and I WAS WRONG BY JOVE! So... I spoke to my supplier. It turns out that the only thing that could have possibly happened is that the first oven (which was also sent direct from the factory in Italy) was wrong. The first customer got a digital oven for the price of a manual... lucky him. Of course his friend wanted the same oven, so when the CORRECT oven arrived he was a bit put out. We collected the oven immediately and refunded him his money. Not an enjoyable day.