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The January Man

Why have I used the title of a film about a serial killer for this news post? Because it has the word January in it... and it's January. Simples!

It's week 3 of 2012 and we're still going. That's hardly surprising, Ward's Catering have been premier suppliers of professional and commercial catering equipment and refrigerated equipment for over 40 years. (No one really knows EXACTLY when we started, we don't have an anniversary or anything, be we know it's a LONG time).

What's been occurring then? Well, we've been selling catering equipment and we've designed a few kitchens. Our fully trained CAD artists (me and Mr H) have been hard at work CADing things (well, I have, Mr H is still in Australia... lazy). Mr G has been out measuring rooms and suggesting equipment as per normal. He is something of a legend and can design a kitchen in seconds, I am starting to understand the very tiniest parts of what he does when he goes out on-site. But there will still be a few points in every drawing where I'll ask why he has elected to put the dishwasher there, or the under-counter fridge there and he'll explain his reasoning and I'll be all like "ohhhh okay, that makes sense". To quote the man himself, "Every day's a school day".

I have nearly finished all the price changes on the website and have been pleasantly surprised by the small size of most increases. That reminds me, I have some work to do on Henkleman vaccum packers. I'd better crack on.