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The Leaning Tower of Pizza Oven Sales

Swings, roundabouts, sixes and half dozens. Most of the time this job that we do here at Ward's Catering is pretty similar. We each have our specialities. My personal tip is Pizza Ovens and Kebab Equipment. The fact that I even have a speciality is ridiculous, I know barely anything about catering equipment and less about refrigeration and even less about sundries.

Allowing me to answer the phone to customers is akin to allowing a gibbon to pilot a jet fighter. However, I am one of our Pizza Oven suppliers top salesmen (according to them, I think they're just being nice). However my pizza oven sales have dropped off recently.

So when I received a phone call on Thursday about a Cuppone LLKMAX4+4 Twin Deck Electric Pizza Oven I immediately called said supplier and asked about availabilty. BANG! Face first at the first hurdle... there were none in stock... To be continued.