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The Price is Right!

Hello reader/s of Life at Ward's. The daily insight in the world of catering equipment and refrigeration supply, installation and repair. Thanks for coming back for another helping. What fun we've been having here. What fun. It's still Price Change Bonanza here and I have been changing prices REAL HARD! "Mr N what have you changed?" you ask? "Mr N for the love of all that's good and pure and righteous tell us about the items of catering equipment to which you refer!" you demand? Very well. Lincat have changed, Parry are not the same, Bravilor are different, Instanta have been altered, Henkelman have been modified, King Edward prices are new. Rowlett's old prices are no more and Cuppone pizza ovens are not the same price as they used to be! How about that? Eh? Welcome to 2009 my friends. ALL CHANGE! The ever shifting sands that are the dune of catering equipment supply have never been so freshly turned. NEW prices would be the main gist of my point here. NEW and not altogether improved. Due to the strength of the Euro and the cost of Raw Materials, Fuel and Energy and blah blah blah [slit wrists here] most things are going up. I remember the days when you used to be able to buy a 3 meter serve over, have a slap up fish supper (with a free cup of tea), money for the talkies and still have change left from tuppence for the taxi home. Them were ' days! Now you'd be lucky to buy a litre of air for less than ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS! etc.