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The price is right! Or is it?

We here are Wards Catering always try to give our customers the most competitive prices across our whole range of catering equipment, commercial and medical refrigeration and sundries. The advent of internet selling has meant that prices (and therefore profits) have dropped significantly.

No more do we sit in our showrooms and warehouses in our own little corners of the country charging the going rate for that area knowing that our customers won't find out about someone 200 miles away selling a Parry fryer for £20 less than us.

Those days are long gone. Now we scour the internet to ensure that we are not being undercut, we ask reps who is doing well and they give us the occasional clue as to what we should be doing. Sometimes we will not lower our price to be cheapest, sometimes we wait for the company charging £25 profit for a £1000 oven range to simply go out of business therefore allowing us an slightly larger portion of the market share. However there are several companies out there, some large, some small who do keep us on our toes.

Today I shall be reviewing the prices of the Lincat Opus heavy duty equipment. Who knows what I shall find?