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The Robot Revolution

As previously mentioned, the Robot Cook cooking food blender/mixer from Robot Coupe is a new product which is designed for high-end commercial kitchens. We here are Ward's Catering were very pleased to get a visit from our local Robot Coupe representative carrying one of the new machines. Unfortunately he didn't bring any ingredients with him and let up sample the delights that can be made in it (tempered chocolate, ganache, sugar work, sauce bearnaise, soups, emulsions and so on). However, we did plug the Robot Cook in and had a play with the settings and such like. Practically soundless, the machine can spin up to 3,500 rpm with a 4,500rpm boost function. It can also spin up to -500rpm to use the backs of the blades to mix ingredients as well as having an intermittent function which can keep the ingredients moving as they heat.

If the lid is on the machine it will heat up to 140°C at a rate of 1°C per second! This temperature is accurate to 1°C and this, along with the unit's timer function make the Robot Cook ideal for use with extremely precise recipes.

This is a SERIOUSLY cool piece of kit and I am pretty sure that we'll see a few of them being used on the next season of Masterchef Professional.