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The thrust and Parry of office banter...

It's a fine day I must say, a fine day, when a catering equipment manufacturer's representative is able to insult a catering equipment, commercial refrigeration and sundries distributor's website engineer. Parry have decided to increase their prices again come the 1st June. I say "again" because this is apparently Parry's favourite pass time.

This is doubly annoying since we have a whole bunch of their stuff (practically their entire catalogue) on our website. So I spend half of my working life changing Parry prices and then correcting Parry prices, (the more you alter things on a website the more the likelyhood of human error after all).

So they have sent me a spreadsheet with their new prices on (surprisingly most of their prices seem to have gone up!) I have then gone to input the data from their spreadsheet into mine and discovered that the Parry Plus ® and Parry Fabrication ® prices are seemingly abscent. I have therefore placed 3 calls to Parry and after waiting the better part of my life for someone to call me back was informed that "for someone who looks intelligent I am apparently not at all". (The prices were there all along on a different page, stupid me).

Here's the thing though... I never claimed to be intelligent... I have never once even pretended to be clever. Ergo someone has made a judgement call based on my appearance (I would have said I looked fat and lazy rather than intelligent) and then told me I am not what I look like. Still at least I am now able to continue changing the Parry prices... joy, and then every time we sell a piece of Parry equipment I'll be able to enjoy being quizzed about the buying price and the selling price and why aren't we making this on that and that on this and what about delivery and surcharges and snoooorrrreeeeee. The good thing is I am too stupid to notice... what day is it?