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The Xcrutiating Factor

Hello all and welcome to another day and week at Ward's Catering. Life is pretty much the same as usual apart from the fact that I crashed another van on Friday night, into the back of Mr S's van who went into the back of Mr K's van who went into the back of another civilian. Words can not express my remorse. I have been working on the new shiny Hobart section of the website as well as quoting for a job in Wales, and two others is undisclosed locations. Despite the Credit Crunch new business still seems to be flowing in at a steady rate and we are sincerely grateful for this. However our biggest sellers at the moment are the Mighty Tojiro Senkou Kitchen Knives. These are flying off the website like heated cakes. Not that we should be surprised about this, since they are a very fine knife. Very fine. However they are expensive and you would think at times as lean as these that people may put off buying such a fine piece of steel. Mr H took one out of it's packaging the other day and was visibly moved by it's beauty. Which is slightly worrying. Everyone here is coming down with, in the middle of, or recovering from stinking colds. So if you call Ward's Catering on 0800 026 0223 expect a nasal and muffled reply. We apologise for this.