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The Xcrutiating Factor: Part 2

Apologies, apologies and yet more abject apologies. I ran out of time yesterday and was unable to update this insight into Life at Ward's. I seem to be spending a great deal of time apologising at the moment. As hinted at previously I managed to shunt another van (a courtesy van this time from the very kind people at York Van Centre). A lack of concentration at the traffic lights outside work led to me braying the back of Mr S's van who brayed the back of Mr K's van who rolled into someone else. Obviously my immediate thought was "what's the quickest way to kill myself?" a thought which still lingers like the funny taste I've had in my mouth ever since (the taste of defeat perhaps?). Everyone here at Ward's has been very kind and understanding and annoyed and for that I thank them profusely. My coccyx was getting slowly better and then I spent an hour in my computer chair last night which seems to have reversed any healing that had previously occured and now I am in excrutiating agony again. Not that I am complaining of course. I deserve much much worse and the pain is slightly cathartic. Enough of "The worst fortnight of my life" and on to more entertaining, less depressing, more catering equipment oriented, less car crash oriented, more uplifting, less suicide inducing... things. Yesterday we sold a record number of Valentine fryers to a very pleasant chap in Derbyshire. It's nice to know in these times of credit crunches and economic whatsamafings that some people still put quality before price. Valentine are, to quote the great Tina Turner (I don't think she's THAT great actually but she did do Goldeneye), "Simply the Best". The Tojiro Senkous are still flying out (not literally we send them by courier. Throwing kitchen knives at the sort of velocities required to get them to locations across the country would be extremely dangerous). So we here at Ward's say thankyou Mr Heston Blumenthal and also ask if you could start using some more of our products such as... Lincat Combination Ovens and Atmospheric Steamers thereby inducing chefs up and down the land to start placing orders. I think that's enough for today. Soon be Christmas.