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There's no rooms like showrooms...

Wards Catering is NOT just a brilliant, simple-to-use, up-to-date, website. The company started out as a showroom and warehouse in the middle of York and has recently moved to new premises on the outskirts with a large warehouse and an even larger showroom.

Our staff have all had hands on experience in the field, installing and commissioning cooking, warewashing and refrigerated equipment. If you ask us how many shelves a P6BO has and we don't know... which we probably would... we can just walk out of the office and open the door of a P6BO and tell you that it has 2 chromed wire shelves. We can check stock by walking around the warehouse, so we KNOW if we say we can send you something next day that we can.

We can replace faulty stock equally as efficiently and if you're in the local area we can deliver sundries sometimes in the same day. That's why Ward's is such a competitor in the world of catering equipment supply, we know our business and we take pride in doing it well.