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Hello all. It's another day at Ward's Catering. We're all here, apart from Mr K who is out delivering large catering equipment, Mr S who is out delivering small catering equipment and sundries, Mr F who is out repairing catering equipment and Mr S2 who is out repairing gas appliances. So we're not really all here are we? Ah well. Mr F, Mr D (doesn't work here) and I played L4D last evening and had a jolly riproaring time. We were joined by a Danish chap who is a fan of our gameplay videos on youtube. I have received payment for all my ebay stuff so far and am therefore a happy non-negative feedback giving sort of a fella this morning. Mr G appears to be in a boring mood today. I have tried to rile him up a couple of times to no avail. I am concerned about what to do for lunch today. I have no cash for the sandwich van, however if I go Tesco for some cash why don't I just buy lunch at Tesco? Conundrum. Mr C is having spicy pasta leftovers for lunch. I had leftover lasagne yesterday which was excellent, however some people (and they know who they are) tried to prevent me eating it by phoning me up every millisecond. You are forgiven. Mr C and Mr R are intent upon "getting out into the showroom" this afternoon. This means that they intend to tidy up the showroom which, we are ashamed to say, has not been properly organised since we moved in at the end of October. I shall now list the things I can see on the floor of the showroom (baring in mind that I am looking from an acute angle and there are several obstructions). Then tomorrow I will compile another list and we'll be able to see how they got on. Clothes (Chef's Whites etc) Steelite Crockery Boxes A Coffee Jug Kitchen Knives (Safely scattered in knife-proof corrugated carboard boxes) Samsung Microwave A 3-Tier Trolley Loads of other stuff I can't identify. So I shall list again tomorrow and by a process of comparison we will be able to accurately ascertain how much stuff has been tidied. Look forward to it. BREAKING NEWS! Mr C's Admiral Leasing mug (which was new when we moved into our shiny new premises at the end of October) has sprung a leak. This shows a lack of quality we had hitherto not suspected from such a trusted Leasing company. Suffice to say our relationship with them is now under review. Also they owe us a carpet.