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Three Go Mad in Ontario

Mr C, Mr NB (a non-ward's catering employee who has absolutely nothing to do with catering equipment, commercial refrigeration or catering sundries) and myself first went to Canada together in 1999 (I think).

We did it in style, flying with Canadair (or someone) and staying the first night in a large Quality Inn (or something) on the outskirts of Toronto. This hotel had a Pizza Hut in it that could be called from the internal phones and they delivered to your room.

So that was good. The next day we collected a 22ft winnebago (motor home) from somewhere (or other) and we set the hell off. We drove south to Niagara (everyone a little nervous and excitable about the traffic both over and undertaking us).

We stayed in a trailerpark opposite a strip club and taxied into Niagara itself. What a hole most of Niagara was. But what a thrill to see the Horseshoe Falls, then to sail into it's mist (and midst) on the Maid of the Mist and then to stand behind them in the tunnels bored into the cliff. This was my first sojourn across the pond and I loved every single minute of every single day. The next day we didn't go to the breakfast buffet at the strip club because Mr C thought it was tacky (probably right) and we drove north! I think we went to Algonquin National Park next.

The vastness of the country was made immediately apparent to us and we went hiking in the hills. We came across a moose, an actual moose, and watched it mesmorised before Mr NB started spouting facts and figures about moose related human-killings. We saw chipmunks or squirrels or something and then returned to the camp and broke about 12 Park Regulations by lighting a fire using wood found on the forest floor and burning rubbish. More tomorrow.