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Three Go Mad in Ontario (Part 2)

After the wilds of Algonquin we were grateful to park the winnebago in a trailerpark outside Ottawa (with a swimming pool). We then realised we were about 9 miles from the centre of Ottawa (and there's really no need to see anything other than the centre of Ottawa) and had no way of getting there other than driving the winnebago in (which we didn't like the idea of).

A few brief questions asked of the locals and we soon discovered the expressway, a road system for emergency services and buses only. We paid about 45p and were in the centre of Ottawa in about 11 minutes. The best transit system of any city I have ever visited. Ottawa is a gem of a city. Clean, weird, full of freaks and delightfully scenic.

The art gallery was free and huge and brilliant. The War Museum was amazing (and we didn't even get up to the 5th floor where according to the brochure I read later that day you could play with the guns and grenades and stuff!).

The photography museum was also worth a visit. We then travelled to Kingston and the less said about that hole of a town the better. Back to Toronto and the CN Tower and the Sky Dome and the Blue Jays. We went to see the Jays lose against the Yankees but that was okay because a New Yorker sat a couple of rows behind us kept summoning a beer vendor by shouting "HEY. BEER GUY!" which tickled us and also we say a guy firing foil-wrapped hotdogs into the stand between the 4th and 5th innings with an air-bazooka! The CN Tower is or was the tallest observation deck in the world. You know you're on a tall building when you can see the tops of airliners.

The flight back was the scene of Mr C cracking his head open as has previously been discussed. Oh... erm, hope everyone in the UK is having a fun time. Maybe selling commercial catering equipment and, you know, refrigeration and like sundries and stuff... can I remember any codes? P6BO is some sort of oven range... erm... 1500LCD is a boiler. I'VE STILL GOT IT!