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Three Go Mad in Ontario: The Three Strike Back (Part 1)

Our next holiday was supposed to be Florida but on the 9th September 2001 everything changed and air travel became very difficult for a while and we were left with little alternative but to revisit Canada. Not that that's ever a bad thing.

So we flew to Toronto again and this time, rather than the pilot landing the plane about 40 feet above the runway and allowing gravity to take care of the tricky parking bit, we had a lovely smooth landing. We then stayed... somewhere... maybe the same hotel as last time? I can't remember. We rented out a Toyota Camry and set off to Ottawa... I think.

There we stayed in a pokey little Econolodge and went into the centre. Unfortunately most things were shut. We continued north east after a day or two and arrived in Montreal after being stopped for speeding by a nice cop who let us off with warning. Montreal is a bustling lively place with a real mish mash of architecural styles.

We stayed in another Econolodge (a pretty rubbish one) and our arrival in Montreal was hailed by a lady walking around with no top or bra on. We went to the archaeology museum and a very strange art gallery.

Our next stop on the whistlestop tour was Quebec. Here we stayed in yet another Econolodge (this time a massive room with kitchenette and easy access to the indoor pool). We had to take a ferry to get to Quebec City and then walk up a hill. Halfway up there is a statue of a man who is the spitting image of Bob Monkhouse so I like to think it's a statue of Bob Monkhouse. Quebec is pretty much a distant memory, I can remember cannons and a subway sandwich and that's about it. We then drove all the way back to Toronto and did the CN Tower and a tour of the Skydome. Then we came home.

Mr C was employed by Ward's Catereing and neither myself nor Mr NB were, so he will have come home to the heady business of selling catering equipment and refrigeration and servicing catering equipment and refrigeration. I will have gone back to the saudid world of poker and blackjack and roulette and fights and vomit. Mr NB was about to join The Royal Airforce, so he came back to basic training.