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Thrust and Parry... (It's the only thing I could think of with "Parry" in it!)

Well here we are again dear readers. All cosy in my living room. The fire's on, the dog is on the other end of the sofa (and she recently had a bath so I am not having to hang my head out of the window) and it's Friday night. Party night. Mothers, lock up your daughters Mr N is on the loose! What will I be doing this evening? Well I am a relatively young sort of a chap and it IS Friday night so it must be something WILD! After I have finished writing this blog I may write a couple of letters and then probably play some video games before turning in and watching The West Wing. BORN TO BE WI HI HI HI ILD BEOWNG! What's that you say? "Stop your blathering and talk about catering equipment and refrigeration supply you bumbling imbecile!" Very well. What happened at Ward's today? Well... I arrived almost on time and then got the pressure washer out to wash my new van in order that I could drive it to the sign writers and have it all logo'd up. Looks a treat. Then I wrote three quotes for Mr G who was not in the very best of humours. I think he is starting to feel a little picked on. So that's good. I then deleted all the discontinued Parry equipment and emailed a few people. I then went to pick up the van. Then I did another quote for Mr G (he really should learn to type it's getting more and more difficult to carry the stone tablets he chisels his notes onto to my desk). Then I reorganised my files in preperation for next week's PRICE CHANGE BONANZA. I think it'll be King Edward Potato Ovens first thing Monday morning.