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Thrust Parry Slash Parry

So here we are again. Friday afternoon, the end of another trading week here at Ward's Catering. What's been going on? Well, our sales are slightly fluctuating, some days good, some days not so good. I have almost finished the fabrication section of the website but I have had other calls on my time this week, I shall reveal one of those now... ready? NOW. WE HAVE SLASHED OUR PARRY PRICES! SLASHED I SAY. OUR PARRY PRICES ARE LOWER THAN EVER! Get the idea?

We have reduced the price to the customer of the equipment in the Parry ® range. For example, a Parry PG4 electric griddle is now ONLY £ 258 + VAT, and a BM3W (which is not a car, that's a BMW 3 Series), wet well gastronorm bain marie is only  £ 221 + VAT. Why have we done this? Because we MUST stay competitive. So we have done. We SHOULD be offering the best value on Parry anywhere on the internet.

I hope that this is the case and if anyone finds any Parry equipment any cheaper please let us know and we'll slash some more.