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To me, To you, Tuesday it is then!

Afternoon all. Tuesday's edition of our daily news flippertybob is maybe a little later in the day than I had envisioned. This is not due to lazyness on my part, but due to the sheer volume of calls and sales here at the emporium of all things catering. A strange day is being had by all. As I glance out from my spatious air-conditioned office over the rolling pasture next to out ultra hi-tech 23rd century building I can quite clearly see snow.

The sad last little remnants of the icy arctic conditions to whose vice like grip we were held in for the last couple of weeks. Snow on the ground normally means that the last thing one gets enquiries on is...........BBQ's. However, we have an anomally! Let me take you back to about 10.30 this morning. 'Well, thats the last G598 Blue Seal char grill gone' proudly exclaimed Richard 'Sam, can you arrange Pallet Network to collect this afternoon please' 'Sold a char grill eh?' I replied 'You can't beat the taste of a char grilled steak. Well apart from maybe a steak from a BBQ on a beach in Australia.

Not much chance of us selling any BBQ's in this weather!' We all chuckled, BBQ's? Winter? Never! Fast forward 12 minutes to the sound of a ringing phone 'Good Morning Ward's said Richard 'how can I help' a brief pause before the excited pointing began ' Cinder's BBQ's sir? Yes we stock the entire range from the Cavaliers through to the Hotelier' and so the game begins.... Well you can imagine our excitement i'm sure! Tommorow morning we shall have a conversation about Foster premier double door freezers. Hopefully I will then report on another successful transaction!! Mr S, our resident computer techie type chap, is currently nursing a bad knee. If you do happen to call, and he answers, don't give him any sympathy - he's thriving on it!!