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Tuesday's blog is full of grace

Hello all and welcome to Tuesday’s fun filled and info packed edition of Life at Ward’s. A lot has happened since yesterday, so let me get started!

Mr G has this morning proclaimed that he should be now referred to as Mr Refrigeration Salesman UK 2009. Apparently this is due to his unlimited knowledge of all things refrigerated. Strange then, that in his next sentence he wanted to know if I knew of anyone who made a glass sliding lid bottle cooler. Obviously the knowledge does not extend to display bottle coolers!

Mr G is also pining for the return of his compadre and partner in crime Mr N, although this has more to do with Mr N’s well stocked biscuit drawer than his warm and endearing nature. All I can say is I hope he hasn’t damaged the lock on the drawer trying to break into it. Today's sales are continuously brisk with Valera products leading the way today. SCU1375’s, UFSC370SD’s and FSC1380’s have all joined the ranks of the sold by Wards this morning.

Along with Valera’s industry leading product range they also major in bespoke counter runs and coffee shop designs to suit any individual needs. Offering a complete service from the first site visit to producing a tailored CAD drawing and installation by experienced technicians all backed up by first class service, there is no wonder their systems have an enviable reputation throughout the industry. Driver supreme Mr S has just entered the office after a busy morning to'ing and fro'ing in and around York city centre. Complete with a stack of signed delivery notes, sandwiches & drink in hand, he looks the figure of a contented man. Ciao