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Twice in but a single day!

Lucky, lucky. lucky. That's what the millions of subscribers to our wonderfull daily blog are. Two posts in one day! Mr H here, i'm in training for when Mr N's other half produces his first born which could be anytime over the next few days. In true Ward's fashion Mr N has spent his last few visits to the hospital checking out the cafeteria to make sure they have the correct crockery, cutlery and catering equipment to measure up to his particularly high standards. In no way shape of form will Mr N eat his chocolate cake from anything other than a Steelite plate, and believe me, he'll be making many trips to make sure he gets it! Whilst in the hospital Mr N will also be on the lookout to see what range of refrigeration is in use throughout the building. If they aren't up to standard he will be putting a catalogue on each ward pointing out where they can buy new ones from. No real suprise to us all when they learn that Wardscatering are purveyors of fine pharmacy refrigeration. I'm sure we all wish Mr N and (believe me) his better half the best of luck in dealing with their new arrival. Sleepless nights, nappies and vomit await Mr N's partner. In Mr N's case his computer & Pizza awaits!