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Wake up and Smell the Coffee

It's been a day of corpses and coffee here at Ward's Catering. First of all, as previously mentioned, we sold a Fracino CLA2E this morning.

Then a man from Bravilor Bonomat came and fitted our new Bolero XL423 Automatic Coffee Machine (so that our showroom customer can help themself to a nice steaming hot cup of either black coffee, white coffee, cappuccino, cafe creme, espresso, double espresso, moccachino or hot chocolate).

Beautiful. I sampled a Moccachino and it was very nice indeed. Almost as good as Starbucks or Costa. Now for the cadavers. I had a request from Ireland for mobile refrigerated body storage. Sort of tents that can be cooled and corpses stored inside... gruesome.

This is, apparently, because Ireland would be short of storage for the deceased if the swine flu pandemic becomes more serious. I have made a few phone calls and emailed a few people but have yet to find anything suitable.