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Ward's Catering Episode 3: The Phantom Nemesis

Hi everyone. Welcome back to another Life at Ward's. I wasn't at work yesterday (officially, although I did sell an Interlevin Chest Freezer and deliver a Lincat Water Boiler whilst awaiting the SRI having it's LPG kit serviced and Cam Sesnor replaced).

I also forgot / ran out of time to write a post on Wednesday. So let's travel back in time to Wednesday morning when I arrived at work and was handed a print out of an email. The email was from one of our friends in the catering equipment supply business (I won't name them because they may be embarrassed or it may help their google rankings and that just wouldn't do at all now would it?) The chap from said undisclosed competitor congratulated us (and therefore me) on the content of this blog.

I would like thank said representative of said undisclosed competitor for said compliment and hope he continues to enjoy reading said blog... nuff said? It's Friday morning and so far I have dealt with a leaky Burco hose and taken payment for some glasswasher soap.