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Ward's Catering: The (fly)Killers

Ward's Catering don't just supply catering equipment, we also stock health and hygiene products.

Ward's Catering have long been known for supplying commercial, professional and industrial catering and refrigeration equipment. However, we also stock and supply a wide range of cleaning, hygiene, and health & safety products. There's obviously an extensive range of warewashing equipment and chemicals (some of which can be found here), You can also order a catalogue of our sundries or visit the sundries section of the website here. This includes cleaning equipment, signage and other such products that the Food Standards Agency require you to use in a commercial catering establishment. We also stock a wide range of Executor flykillers which have recently had a re-design. All you need to do is work out the square meterage of the room your need to cover, (multiply the length of the short wall by the length of the long wall, in meters), and then choose an insectocutor that will provide that level of coverage (or, multiple units, evenly spaced, that add up to the same amount). Simple to solve and it'll prevent you getting a ticking off from the Health Inspector.