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Ward's Horror 2: The Leasing

Many people may have noticed that we supply a monthly leasing payment amount for all our equipment on

This does not mean rental. It also does not mean that we as a company offer leasing, we do however use a company called Admiral based in Manchester who can offer finance on any piece of equipment or selection of units that cost more than ?1,000 before VAT. If you wish to purchase some catering equipment or refrigeration on finance we would get one of the lovely Admiral staff to call you and process your application.

In these times of national strigency due to the economic downturn it can be extremely useful for a small or medium sized catering operation to spread the cost of equipment over 12, 24 or 36 months. Of course in these times of belt-tightening due to the credit crunch leasing and finance companies are reluctant to lend money to people who require it. They'll gladly lend money to millionaires who can pay the money back instantly and therefore defeating the purpose. Hey ho.