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Website V2.090212

The Ward's Catering evolves at an exponential rate

I read a stat the other day that broke down the amount of video uploaded to youtube every day. It worked out to 1 century (that's 100 years) of video being uploaded to youtube from users around the globe every single week. This figure keeps increasing. Now you and I know, dear reader, that MOST of this footage is completely pointless, fake pranks, parody songs and other such material specifically designed to get people into trouble at work for watching it when they should be doing other things. However some of it is informative and useful. Such as this one. Or this one. They may not be as funny as "Angry German Kid" but they may help someone make an informed decision about a piece of catering equipment. I shall personally be adding to the increasing flow of data struggling up the world wide web into the gaping maw of youtube's server farms by creating some videos explaining the virtues of some of our favourite pieces of equipment and some new pieces that our suppliers have released that customers may not know about yet.

This brings me to my next point:


The new price lists come out and the new products are there, nestled between their glossy flaps. I am usually the first in the office to learn about them since it's my job to put them on Ward's Catering's website. Some manufacturers slap big exciting "NEW PRODUCT" badges on the photos, some are more relaxed, cool, laid-back about it, they just plop them in there and wait for us to find them. There's always a bit of a panic about the new stuff at my end. I am a little bit dull or stupid and occasionally seem to have great difficultly deciphering product catalogues. So I will call the manufacturers and ask them all sorts of questions that I could have found the answers to IF I'D JUST READ THE DOCUMENTATION PROPERLY! That being said, there are always some omissions and mistakes in the catalogues that need ironing out. Images to be harvested, specifications to be verified, optional extras to be understood. The long and short and low and fat and small and thin of this is, I have now added all the NEW PARRY PRODUCTS including the:

  • PSPF3TB Single Tank 3kW Pedestal Fryer
  • PSPF6TB Single Tank 6kW Pedestal Fryer
  • PSPF9TB Single Tank 9kW Pedestal Fryer
  • PDTPF3 Twin Tank 3kW Pedestal Fryer
  • PDTPF6 Twin tank 6kW Pedestal Fryer
  • PDTPF9 Twin Tank 9kW Pedestal Fryer

The above-listed products are so revolutionary that I shall be doing another news post about them very soon.

I have also uploaded details of the:

  • S2H Heavy Duty Electric 2-Plate Boiling Top
  • S4H Heavy Duty Electric 4-Plate Boiling Top
  • PC140 Series of Pie Cabinets
  • PDECOBOIL Wall Mounted ZIP Boiler.

AND MANY MORE. It's all very exciting. I have added other products, not Parry, and still have many more to go. I will inform you of the details as and when I get the time. Keep catering.