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We're all going on a summer holiday

NOT TRUE! You aren't going on a summer holiday. I am! Ha! Sorry that I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday, busy afternoon with phone calls about catering equipment of all sorts. Sold two E311 Blue Seal Convection Ovens with Stand and Stacking Kit. Showed some customer some counter refrigeration from True, Foster and Parry and tried to convey the importance of True's 3 Year Parts and Labour Warranty and 5 Year Compressor warranty.

Two more working days until my first holiday in over three years! When I used to work at the casino I was usually able to furnish people with an hourly countdown to my next holiday. Those were the days, carefree, free, freedom... ahhhh. Let me enlighten you as to the sort of things that Mr C, myself and our buddies used to get up to.

I lived in a flat in Scarborough. It was an awesome flat, quite large for a one bedroom, big windows, first floor, set away from the hustle and bustle of the main street but close enough that I could make it to Curry's, HMV or Waterstones before they closed with 5 mins notice. I managed to wangle most weekends off and the chaps used to come to see me. When I first moved to Scarborough we were all about the Goldeneye.

We would have a brief walk up and down town, then retire to the flat to eat doughnuts and drink tea. Then Mr C would cook a meal or we'd get a take away and play Multiplayer Goldeneye 64 on the Nintendo 64. We went to the extent of positioning two 28 inch televisions back to back, splitting the coaxial signal from the N64 to both TV's and then masking off the top half of one and the bottom half of the other to enable us to play team deathmatch without being able to see our oponents screens. Genius.

We would then sit in chairs and beanbags (some of us smoking glorious glorious cigarettes) and proceed to kill each other (1 shot 1 kill Licence to Kill mode) for several hours. We each had our favourite maps. Mr C was an expert on Temple, I was a diva on Archives and our friend Mr NB was awesome on Library. They very much were the days.