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It's been a long time coming, but we're here. We're up to date. We've finally added the Lincat IH21 Induction Hob to the wardscatering website. We are now firmly in the 21st century. So, what is induction? Please allow me to explain / paraphrase the sales literature:

Induction cooking is a form of hob cooking that works differently from the standard gas or electric units (such as the Lincat HT3 or HT3(G) and the Parry P2H or PG2H). Gas or Electric Hobs create heat which is transferred to the pan and then the contents of the pan (let's say... a nice soup). This means that the hob, the pan AND the soup are all heated. Induction hobs create heat inside the pan, essentially only heating the tasty soup.

Induction Hobs

  • Create a powerful electromagnetic field generating heat inside the pan (not on the hob surface)
  • Are INSTANTLY adjustable (reacting to changes in the power input and magnetic field)
  • Can detect (through changes in the electric current) whether a pan has boiled dry
  • Must be used with flat-bottomed pans with a high ferrous metal content (such as cast iron or stainless steel).

Here's a diagram of the Lincat IH21 showing how it uses electro-magnetic fields to heat the contents of the pan.


"Well that's all very well and good Mr Ward's, but why would I need to know about any of that? My existing gas or electric hob works very nicely indeed thank you very much for all your concern!" I hear you say. WELL, the benefits of using one of the NEW Lincat IH21 Inductions Hobs are as follows:

  • They are ENERGY EFFICIENT (delivering 90% efficiency as opposed to the 55% or 50% you would get with electric or gas respectively).
  • They are FAST (the rapid-heat-up allows the units to cope with the demands of busiest commercial kitchens).
  • They are SAFE (no naked flames, no red-hot elements, no fire or burn risk)
  • They are COMFORTABLE (the majority of the heat is being transferred straight to the contents of the pan NOT the kitchen).
  • They are CONTROLLABLE (accurate cooking results are easily achievable due to the nature of the heating method).
  • They are HYGIENIC (No more burned-on spills or splashes, they can be wiped up immediately since the hob surface is not heated).

"Okay Mr Ward's, well said. Entertaining and informative without being too technical. However, why should I buy the Lincat when there are cheaper induction hobs available?" You ask? Simple, the Lincat is manufactured in the UK by a reliable company who have been producing commercial catering equipment and refrigeration for many years. The unit is supplied with a FULL 1 Year Parts and Labour warranty and won't let you down. We here at Ward's wait for new equipment to be tried and tested in real kitchens in real businesses by real chefs before we recommend it. The Lincat IH21 has been and now is!

"Well said Mr Ward's!" You cry. Thanks. Listen, dear commercial caterer, it's nearly 2012, the age of the caveman is over. We no longer need to sit around our campfires and cooking pots. We're not savages. It's the dawn of a new era, like that bit in "2001 A Space Odyssey" when the ape learns how to use a bone to smash other bones into little bits and then murders another ape with it. The Lincat IH21 is PROGRESS!

Buy one, use one, take one one small step for a chef, one giant leap for commercial catering equipment!