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We're NOT going on a summer holiday...

Welcome to another week of Life at Ward's. I hope you're all rested and relaxed and recuperated after the weekend. I ate out too many times for comfort this weekend. Curry on Thursday night, dodgy pizza on Friday night, MacDonald's breakfast on Saturday morning, Subway sandwich for lunch, fish and chips for tea, then toast for breakfast yesterday and nothing until beans on toast at about 21:00 last night.

That's a spicy meatballs! Most of this food will have been stored, prepared, cooked, kept warm, served with, served on and eaten with equipment and utensils that we sell here at Ward's catering. Fridges for fish, bains marie for mushy peas, Steelite crockery and I really should have some business cards printed so that I can pass them to friendly waitresses and frycooks to drum up some more work.