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We're still going on a Summer Holiday.

Do you want in-depth up-to-the-minute discussion about catering equipment? The latest facts and figures about commercial refrigeration? Thrilling insights into the selling of catering sundries? Or would you rather hear about my trip to London? So we jumped off the bus after crossing Waterloo Bridge and seeing the protesters. Then we wandered down The Strand to Embankment Tube Station and travelled to South Kensington. There we crossed the road and I caught my first glimpse in a very long time of the Natural History Museum. What a resplendent sight it is, the tiled exterior with it's central tower and tall windows just screams of the wealth of knowledge inside. I almost danced across the road, giddy as a teenager on a first date, and then stopped dead in my tracks when my girlfriend pointed out the queue. "QUEUE? There never used to be a queue! There never used to be anyone here!" I lamented. We duly joined the back of said queue and waddled forwards. I peered desperately at the windows, trying to catch a glimpse of a dinosaur or a shark, hell a stick insect would have been something. All I could see was my own reflection and the occasional bookshelf messily stacked with files. The Natural History Museum is a bastion of learning, a haven of truth in a world of religion and illogical thought. Unfortunately it's very difficult to appreciate this with 3,800 other people all trying to read the same sign as you... "Yeah it's a blue whale, I thought it was a blue whale, that's a blue whale. Is that a sperm whale? Chortle chortle chortle, Britney! Don't climb on the whale! Where's the gift shop?"... sigh.