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What The Floody Buck?

Erm... Bank Holiday Monday? Erm... Working on the Life at Ward's Blog (the foremost catering equipment and commercial refrigeration publication in the UK)? What the smut is going on?

FALSE! NOT BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY! IT'S FFFFFFFRIDAY AND YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED! The world of catering equipment, and commerical refrigeration (not to mention catering sundries and medical refrigeration) ticks on while we are not in the office.

Some hopefuls will call and leave messages on the answerphone. Equipment breaks down and people need spares, repairs and replacements. Luckily we are not dealing with any of that, we are off bank holidaying. So back to school we go.

When last we met, Mr C was bullying the mentally ill or something. Any other instances of cruelty? There was the time I bowled a strike using a first year as the pins and my schoolbag as the ball. He called me a rude name and ran off, the bag slipped from my shoulder and to the full extent of my arm in a smooth arc before sliding along the playground and tripping the fleeing 1st year ripping his trousers. Didn't even get told off for that one.

There was the time I threw sodden pizza dough from the 3rd floor at a P.E. Teacher... but then again it was a P.E. Teacher so who cares. There was the time my Form Tutor "Bob Brierley" spent an entire lunch hour lovingly drawing graphs on the blackboard in his maths classroom, then rolled the board around so that he could reveal them to his next class. Unfortunately I found them by chance and wrote "Bob Brierley is a BENDER!" across them and rolled them round again. Mr Brierley's graphs when revealed with a flourish did not have the desired effect, for him. Apparently I was a roaring success.