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What would you do?

Hello all and welcome to another thrilling installment of Life at Ward's. It's been a busy day here today. Reps coming and going bearing gifts of quality street and wine like the three wise men visiting Baby Jesus. We have already polished off an entire tin of QS and a bag of doughnuts. Yummy. I have been working on a new flashy website area for the Hobart Ecomax stuff. I have also passed the torch of updating sundries prices on to Mr S who is thrilled about it. I have done a little Christmas shopping online during my lunch break and asked Mr K to clean my van since he's doing everyone elses. He has very kindly agreed. Mr F is winding Mr R up. Mr R is desperate to leave early because he has a cold. So I've been playing Left 4 Dead and watching Survivors on BBC1 recently and am in something of a post apocolyptic mood. Therefore I pose this question to readers of Life at Ward's. How would we Wardites survive a Zombie Apocolypse? "Well what a stupid question", you may think. Is it though? Yes... yes it is. But let's take it round the block. Ward's Catering have a large showroom and warehouse on Clifton Moor in York. It is easily defended to the East. We have a large supermarket nearby that we could raid for provisions. We could use multidecks and serveovers as barricades. Mr F could drive a van into the warehouse and transform it into a tank by welding stuff onto it like the A Team used to do. We could use stick blenders, pans and knives as melee weapons to defend ourselves against the zombie horde. So if there's a zombie apocolypse make your way to Ward's. Mr S, Mr F and myself are experienced zombie hunters and we will protect you.