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What's HOT and what's NOT?

News from the world of catering equipment supplies:

Well it's been a while since my last post and it's been full steam ahead here at Ward's Catering. Steam... steamers, combination steam ovens, and there's my segue! We are still selling Rational combination ovens like they're going out of fashion, which they are not. The reason that Rational combination ovens are not going out of fashion is the same reason that Rolls Royce will not go out of fashion. The Rational combination oven is simply the very best combination oven that money can buy. You show me a person who disagrees with that statement and I'll show you a poor misguided soul. That's not to say that other combination ovens aren't good, they are, they're just not as good. We have yet to send a customer to a Rational Cook Live demonstration who has gone out and bought any other make of combination oven. What else is hot? What else is not?

Lincat is hot, we are still supplying a lot of Lincat all over the country (and occasionally further afield). The Silverlink 600 range and the Opus 700 range of electric and gas cooking equipment is some of the best medium-to-heavy duty equipment available. The EB3F is still the most popular water boiler and the DF33 and DF66 are the most popular 3kW tabletop fryers.

Blue Seal is hot. If you need something heavier duty than Lincat then Blue Seal is the equipment for you. You could fire Blue Seal equipment from a cannon, run over it with a cement lorry or detonate a nuclear device inside it and it would survive unscathed.*

That's the stuff that's hot... what's NOT? Poor customer service, that's what. We do NOT offer poor customer service, we instead offer fantastic customer service. How about that? Cop out? Okay.

See you soon.

*This is NOT true, it is an exaggeration and should not be taken literally. If you attempt any of these things please send us a link to the video.