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What's new in catering equipment?

It's been a while since our last post:
30 Mar 2012
So what's been going on? I am on holiday next week and I can't remember the last time I needed one so much. I won't be going abroad, oh no. No trips to sunnier climes for me. No no no. I'll be staying at home, sleeping late, going to bed early and maybe doing a little bit of tinkering. You see, we've been busy. Ward's Catering has been busy over the last few weeks. What have we been busy doing? Advising on, selling, installing and repairing catering and refrigerated equipment. Lot's of catering and refrigerated equipment. Which can only be a good thing.

I am waiting to hear back on a big job, one of my colleagues recently heard back from another big job (we got it), I have had a nice medium sized job, which I quoted for before Christmas, come back to life and we have done the usual single unit work. Our man in the field has spent a lot of time in the field (please understand that this doesn't actually mean he's been in a field... he's not a horse). He has been measuring, designing, drawing, installing and advising like nobody's business.

Our most popular items this month?

  • Lincat EB3F
  • Lincat DF66
  • Parry P6BO
  • Parry AWB3
  • Blue Seal G506D
  • Blue Seal G91B
  • Robot Coupe R301Ultra
  • Hamilton Beach HBB908
  • Cuppone TZ7202
  • Rational SCC101E

As well as fabrication, extraction and the usual technical stuff. I can barely stay awake, only 1hr50mins to go. Roll on 5pm.