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Wilkommen back

Mr N here (still). My better half has yet to calf. I didn't manage to enjoy my final weekend of freedom as much as I would have liked, due to family commitments and driving a 100 mile round trip in order to buy moses basket bedding. For those not in-the-know a moses basket is like a basket that moses slept in, (in the bible times). After a little research I see that this may or may not be true. Moses was set adrift on the Nile by his mother to prevent the Pharaoh's minions capturing him and drowning him (in the Nile) as the Pharaoh had commanded of all male Hebrew children. Now if you set this basket of ours adrift on the Nile we'd just be saving the Pharaoh's stormtroopers a job. Moses' mother used "a small craft of bulrushes coated in pitch". Much more the thing. Anyway that's really neither here nor there. "WHAT ABOUT ****ING CATERING EQUIPMENT?!?!?" You all yell in frustration. Well, I've had a busy morning. Busy busy busy. Rather like that of a bee. Bees are generally considered the most industrious of all the fauna on earth and I have no evidence to support a contrary opinion. I certainly know that dogs aren't very hardworking. Unless sleeping, making weird retching noises every few minutes, sneezing and sucking your paws can be considered work in any way. Cat's, whilst quite active at night, don't really achieve anything. Catching the occasional mouse or bird doesn't really accomplish a lot for other animals or people. So I'm sticking with "busy as a bee" for now. If, at any point in the future, anyone is able to furnish me with information which leads me to sincerely believe that another member of the animal kingdom is more assiduous than the humble bumble, then I shall adjust my melody. I merely josh with you dear reader. Merely josh. I know how desperate you are for news from the world of catering equipment and refrigeration supply and all this blather about bumble bees and bible stories is simply my little joke. Half the fun is in the anticipation and I believe you have been patient enough. So! Here we go! I have changed Tojirou Senkou prices (not for the better I'm afraid). We are still competitive but were running the risk of selling these beautiful kitchen knives at a loss and that just won't do. I have added an EXTRA VALUE fryer in the form of the Parry. I have sold not one but TWO combination ovens. One OCM61 and one OCM61G (Nat Gas) with stands and a hose. Not a bad little deal for a Monday morning thank you very much indeederooni. I have yet to change all the Parry images and also the Rowlett Toaster images. I have also to do some creative things on the homepage and continue with one of my 2 secret projects. More tomorrow (if she hasn't dropped)