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No, I have not forgotten how to spell the word "EXTRA". The title of this piece is missing the "E" for a very good reason. Foster refrigeration is well-known as some of the best commercial refrigeration on the market. They lead the field when it comes to low-running costs and quality of construction. This quality, as is to be expected, comes at a price. A price, I hasten to add, that is well worth paying. HOWEVER, what if you're on a tight budget? What if you're opening a small commercial catering operation on a shoestring budget and you need some professional quality refrigeration? What if you don't want to buy some cheap piece of equipment produced in the far east? Well there is a solution:

XTRA by Foster is a new range of BRITISH BUILT economy units that feature the same TWO YEAR PARTS AND LABOUR WARRANTY as the standard Foster equipment. You can now buy cheap with confidence. We at Ward's Catering are firm believers in buying quality whenever possible. We would never specify a piece of commercial catering equipment or refrigeration that was not fit for purpose, or not heavy-duty enough for the circumstances. Therefore XTRA by Foster may not be the ideal choice for every situation. However, for the small business on a tight budget, it may just be the solution to all of your refrigeration needs!

The range includes:

  • XR600H Single Door Upright Commercial Refrigerator
  • XR600L Single Door Upright Commercial Freezer
  • XR1300H Double Door Upright Commercial Refrigerator
  • XR1300L Double Door Upright Commercial Freezer
  • XR2H Two Door Commercial Counter Refrigerator
  • XR3H Three Door Commercial Counter Refrigerator
  • XR10 Small Commerical Blast Chiller
  • XR20 Medium Commercial Blast Chiller
  • XR35 Large Commercial Blast Chiller