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You can never go back.

So, what are my earliest memories? Well I was born in Leeds, I don't remember that, I remember tying my shoelaces on the drive in Castle Grove Avenue, I remember flying over the handlebars of the Pink Panther bike after riding into a lamp post during a solar eclipse. I remember eating playdo (play dough? I dunno) thinking it was icing and spitting it all over the neighbours kitchen. I remember the crazy old lady next door who used to dole out pink wafer biscuits and knock on the windows after locking herself inside her house. I remember walks in the park with my brother and discovering quarries, wiers and mental asylums in the woods. I remember... and this theme will probably continue, my brother throwing 4Lom (a now very rare Star Wars figure) into the holly bush. I remember... and this theme will definately continue, playing games on the Atari 2600 games console and the Atari 400 and 400XL home computers in the cellar. This first installment of childhood seems not to include commercial, professional catering equipent, refrigeration or utensils of any sort. Not a single mention of a griddle. Weird. Maybe tomorrow.