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You can take that to the Bank (Holiday) - Weakest title ever.

Bank Holiday Monday, I am probably travelling back from the Southern Welsh / English Border towards Scarborough. I am probably tired. I am maybe even a little bit grouchy although that's hardly very likely. So what has my weekend been like? Well I probably got into an argument with my Stepmother. I'll have talked about trains and space and films and architecture with Badger and I'll have eaten some food. I may have been into the centre of Bath, in which case I'll be amazed at how little there is to do there, unless you count the time my friend Peahhead and I decided that we'd each drink as many measures of gin as there were in a bottle (we managed 29 each by the end of the day). The weather will undoubtedly have been apalling because my girlfriend will be with me and she brings rain with her like a shadow. I'll be vaguely annoyed that I have to return to work tomorrow but then again I'll be excited that I get to work in the world of Catering Equipment, Commercial Refrigeration and Catering Sundries! There are some jobs that I have always imagined I'd really enjoy. Here they are: Lighthouse Keeper: No customers, no deadlines, no colleagues, nice views. Games Workshop Assistant: Polite geeky customers, zero pressure. Video Rental Shop Assistant: Watch videos all day, write screenplays, laugh at people who rent dirties. Successful Author: Live in a cabin, in Canada, in the woods near a lake at the base of a mountain, watch bears out of the window. Never did I imagine that I could be so fulfilled in my working life as I am uploading information about catering equipment, commerical refrigeration, pans, cadaver fridges and stuff... Oh and a museum, I always fancied working in a musuem.