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Our next foreign jaunt was to L.A. The City of Angels. We flew from Manchester to Chicago and then from Chicago to LAX (I think). Approaching L.A. by air you can see the enourmity of the place. It is huge.

A great sprawling brown stain only contained by the sea on one side and mountains on the others. We taxied from LAX to Santa Monica about a mile from the beach. I assumed my usual sleeping position on the bathroom floor (I can sleep anywhere and I snore). The next day we went to collect the car, an Oldsmobile Alero (which led to me shouting "Have and Alero and shut the f*** up!" a lot (paraphrasing Peter Kay). We went to Venice Beach and my it's just like in the films. Seems like everywhere you go in LA is familiar thanks to the glory of the TV and movie industry. We even saw a celeb... of sorts.

The blonde one with the big nose from Soldier Soldier, you know that one from Robson and Jerome, in a convertible. We went to Universal and I thoroughly enojoyed it. We saw Norman Bates' house and Jaws and went on a Jurassic Park ride and all sorts of other stuff. We then went to Anaheim and visited Disneyland. Quite good. We then drove to San Diego (A Whale's Vagina) and went to Seaworld.

Here we were amazed that upon the park gates being opened for business they played the National Anthem... we remained resolutely sat and tittered at Americans singing along. More tomorrow. Since this is the market leader in catering equipment and commercial refrigeration sales market leading publication about the sale of catering equipment and commercial refrigeration we should maybe talk about catering equipment and commercial refrigeration. But I am on holiday!