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We left San Diego and drove north into the Desert (not dessert... not like dessert bowls that we sell here at Ward's Catering... not like the desserts you would keep in one of our patesserie displays in our shop & restaurant refrigeration section... desert, like sandy desert).

We followed the laser-straight roads to The Grand Canyon... one of the wonders of the world and almost indescribable.

Everyone should see it. Everyone. It is one of the only things I have ever seen that is too big to have it's majesty captured by IMAX, as was proven at the IMAX cinema we went to. We arrived at our Grand Canyon hotel and as we unpacked our belongings, and I made camp around the lavatory, a note was slipped under the door: "You cut us up on Route (insert correct number here). Now we know what room you're in." I leaped into action almost... in fact entirely, without thinking. I raced from the room looking for the culprits and when I found no one I returned to the room.

This was my entry: "I couldn't find the F****** HELL!" The last outburst induced by two of my college friends leaping out of the shower and screaming at me. It was them all along! The thing is, if I had stopped to think, even for a second, I would have realised they were the only possible culprits SINCE I ARRANGED TO MEET THEM THERE! Anyway we had a lovely reunion in the hot tub (we're not gay) and then we went to the Grand Canyon with them the next day. They were very jealous of the Alero since they had spent more on what can only be described as a grey tin shed on wheels. More tomorrow.