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We left the Grand Canyon and travelled to Las Vegas in convoy via The Hoover Dam. Another fascinating sight (but it was waaayyyy too hot so we didn't linger).

At this time I worked in a casino (a tinpot little place with 3 roulette tables, 2 blackjacks, 1 casino stud poker and 8 slot machines. Las Vegas doesn't really compare. It's like Disney's Casinoworld, totally amazing and yet somehow slightly depressing although that may be my bias.

We (Mr N, Mr NB and Mr C) stayed at The Excalibur, an American's idea of medievil Britain. Unbelievably tacky and brilliant. My friends, one of whom was a Virgin Atlantic Flight Attendant stayed at another hotel called The Terrible. This was bad move since it was over a mile from the strip and my friend who wasn't the flight attendant and didn't choose the hotel was rather annoyed when he arrived sweating and panting at our lovely air conditioned central hotel.

We spent the next couple of days sampling the sights and sounds of vegas and basically losing money (apart from the annoyed chap who was tight as a gnats arse). If you want to se self service counters, serve over counters, salad refrigeration, hot cupboards, heated gantries and other buffet catering equipment and refrigeration... Vegas is the place for you.

Mr C attracted a crowd around his blackjack table when he continued to double his bets and win... until he lost. Then we flew home from Vegas on seperate flights. Winning trip.